Guste REMO is the brainchild of 2 anglo-italians born and raised in London to Italian parents. Marco and Pep grew up together in the Italian community and after years of talking about it they finally made the move and created the Guste REMO brand. This brand incorporates 2 life and business experiences into one ambitious company. Professionally, each of the directors has shown Italian flare mixed with British pragmatism and this winning combination has given them an incentive to create a market leader in an ever-changing gastronomic industry where authentic and traditional methods of preparing food and customer service have made way to aggressive business-orientated chains that forget exactly what good food is all about.

“We want to offer every-day Italian cuisine that allow our customers to appreciate the healthy nature of Italian ingredients without worrying about a visit to the gym the following day” say the team “Our menu gives you the flexibility to order a wide variety of dishes and to choose the quantity to suit you as a person and your meal expectations”

In an ever-increasing market of food and nutrition connoisseurs we find ourself striving to keep everyone happy. Guste REMO, with the help of professionals and with 2 directors who are extremely sensitive to current trends and consumer needs, have developed a healthy yet delicious menu that will allow you to create the meal that you desire.

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